Sigg Lucid Ultra Lemon Touch water bottle 600ml

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Sigg Lucid Ultra Lemon Touch water bottle 600ml

  • Ideal Travel Bottle - The SIGG water flask with an on-trend color can be carried with one finger thanks to the special lid, so it is ideal for on the go.
  • Leak-Proof - With the hygienic and practical screw cap, this metal flask water bottle is entirely leak-proof, even when used to carry carbonated drinks.
  • Safe Drinking - All materials used in the manufacture of the sports bottle are free of BPA and pollutants such as oestrogenic substances and phthalates.
  • Robust Material - The non plastic water bottle is made of lightweight, food-safe aluminium with an inner coating which ensures a neutral smell and taste.
  • Sigg Lucid Ultra Lemon Touch water bottle 600ml - SIGG Aluminium Water Bottle 0.6 L, light metal drink bottle with leak-proof cap, wash by hand, BPA- and pollutant-free, made in Switzerland, item number 8773.50

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