DOFF Power UP Slug & Snail Killer 650g

Doff-2 In 1 Ant & Nest Killer Bait Stations: Doff
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  • Proven reliable DOFF technology
  • Lightweight construction at just 0.72 Kgs
  • High performace for the home or tradesman

Product description


Doff POWER UP 3X Slug & Snail Killer is the first 3% ferric phosphate slug pellet available to the retail market. With 3x more coverage and 3x more active ingredient than other ferric phosphate slug killers. Endorsed by the Organic Farmers & Growers (OF&G) organic certification, it combines durability with attractiveness to slugs and snails. With longevity in wet conditions, rainproof up to 14 days. Slugs and Snails move away to die, so there is no excessive slime and no visible dead slugs.

Produced in the UK.


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