Aquafresh Toothpaste For 6-8 Years 50 ml | Big Teeth Toothpaste For Children | Single Pack | High Fluoride Protection For Children | Strengthen Enamel, Freshen Breath And Protect Teeth, Gums and Gaps

size: 50ml
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  • TAKE CARE OF YOUR CHILD'S NEW TEETH: Starting from around the age of 6 your child is going to have a mixed smile of little and big teeth with gaps in between. The enamel on your child’s little teeth is 50 Percent thinner than yours and new big teeth can take up to 3 years to reach full strength making them more susceptible to sugar attack which can lead to cavities. Big Teeth Toothpaste is designed by dental exerts to help strengthen these new big teeth whilst looking after the last of the little ones
  • GREAT TASTE AND COLOUR: Aquafresh Big Teeth makes brushing fun for your child with a great minty taste and a combination of red, white and green stripes
  • FLOURIDE PROTECTION: Children need a high level of flouride in their toothpaste as they get older. Aquafresh Big Teeth provides 1450 ppm to effectively clean your child's teeth. It is specially formulated for a mix of adult and milk teeth this fluoride toothpaste is just what your little ones need to complete their smile

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