Jolie Coffee Machine

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* Silent single serve machine - Only 44 dBA during brewing cycle * Semi-Automatic brewing * 0.6 Litre capacity * Transparent water tank * Height adjustable cup support rack * Metal lever - in chromed steel * Pre-dosed * Chromed metal drip tray grid * Dishwasher safe * Dimensions : 124 x 330 x 214 (mm) * Introducing the Lavazza Jolie Coffee Machine that lets you prepare authentic Italian coffee in the smallest of spaces! The Jolie allows for silent brewing once activated the brewing cycle will only produce 44dBA of sound. This semi-automatic machine allows you to choose when the pump is switched on and off the transparent water tank allows you to maintain the correct volume of water after each brewing cycle. A cup support rack can be adjusted to allow for a taller cup to be used this also allows for more of a precise pouring ability reducing the risk of spillage and mess. The chromed metal drip tray can catch any over fill and spillages. All of the removable pieces are dishwasher safe ensuring you can keep your appliance maintained and clean. The Jolie Coffee Machine gives you the skill of a barista at your fingertips so you can create perfect Americanos and Espressos in seconds. Specification:

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