Job Done Moss Weedkiller, Targets Moss in Lawns, 500ML, Concentrate

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  • Effective moss and algae killer
  • Concentrated formula offers great economy
  • For use on permeable surfaces such as block paving, decking and gravel
  • Can also be used on natural surfaces
  • Suitable for lawns
  • Job done Moss Killer Concentrate


    Job done Moss Weedkiller is ideal for getting rid of any unwanted moss in your lawn! So why not give it a try and give your garden a new lease of life! Contains no glyphosate.

    Advice on application


    • Make sure weed’s foliage is fully open and is growing when using the concentrate.
    • Use on unwanted vegetation, which includes a variety of weeds.
    • Use on moss that can be on decorative lawns and lawn turfs.
    • Cultivate after 7 days. Repeat only once during the growing seasons, and only after 3-4 weeks if you think the weed is returning.
    • Season use : March-September.

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